Boutique Villa Shanthi

We provide you a very private und luxury service .


All prices are including tax and service charges.
Special requests are accommodated, including special Diets.
  • Menu 1 7,500.00

    • Two vegetable spring rolls with dressing
    • Seafood bisque (creamy soup) with herbs toast
    • Butter fried seer fish served with steamed vegetables and onion rice
    • Fresh fruit salad topped with vanilla ice cream
    • Pot Sri Lankan Tea or Coffee

  • Menu 2 7,500.00

    • Marinated grilled prawns Sri Lankan style on mixed salad with avocado
    • Cream soup of roasted pumpkin flavoured with oranges and herbs toast on top
    • Tandoori marinated grilled chicken served with home made Naan bread and condiments
    • Fresh Curd and Kithul treacle
    • Pot of Sri Lankan Tea or Coffee

  • Menu 3 7,500.00

    • Steamed prawns Sri Lankan style with raita
    • Seafood minestrone (calamari, prawns, fish and vegetables)
    • Grilled thighs of chicken served with garlic mashed potatoes and grilled vegetable on pepper sauce
    • Chocolate cake with ice cream and coffee sauce
    • Pot of Sri Lankan Tea or Coffee

  • Menu 4 7,500.00

    • Tuna carpaccio Sri Lankan style with mixed salad and soya vinaigrette sauce
    • Cream soup of carrot and ginger, flavoured with oranges, cumin toast on top
    • Fried calamari with stir fried kankun and mushroom served with onion rice
    • Pancake filled with bananas, topped ice cream and honey
    • Pot of Ginger Tea or Sri Lankan Coffee

  • Menu 5 7,500.00

    • Grilled chicken fingers served with roasted vegetables and curry mayonnaise sauce
    • Tomato flavoured vegetable broth with herbal toast on top
    • Grilled Seer fish steak and buttered prawns with country rice, sauteed vegetables on tomato basil cream
    • Fresh fruit salad topped with vanilla ice cream
    • Pot of Sri Lankan Tea or Coffee

  • Menu 6 15,000.00

    • Lime /olive oil marinated calamari, served with mango salsa
    • Cream soup of chicken and mushrooms with herbs toast on top
    • Pineapple sorbet
    • Mixed grilled seafood (lobster, prawns, seer fish, calamari) with garlic sauce, served with wok fried vegetable and saffron rice
    • Falooda (milk mixed with several ingredients), topped with vanilla ice cream
    • Pot of Sri Lankan Tea or Coffee

  • Menu 7 7,500.00

    • Salad Nicoise (tuna fish, lettuce, potatoes, beans, onion, tomato, boiled eggs, served with vinaigrette
    • Soup of baked cauliflower and leaks with buttered croutons on top
    • Grilled lamp chop with garlic rosemary juice served with boiled vegetable and creamy mash potato
    • Chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream
    • Pot of SriLankan Tea or Coffee with milk and sugar

  • Menu 8 (vegetarian) 6,000.00

    • Salad of cheddar cheese with tomato, avocado and balsamic vinaigrette
    • Cream soup of lentil flavoured with cumin and mint
    • Vegetable cutlet with curry sauce served with roasted pumpkin puree
    • Pancake filled with pineapple and topped with vanilla ice cream and treackle (honey of palm blossom)
    • Pot of SriLankan Tea or Coffee

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