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We Provide you Very Private and Luxury Services

Villa Shanthi is ideally suited to practice yoga asanas and silent meditation to find your inner peace and serenity.

The word „Yoga” denotes a connection between the body, mind and soul in the sense of wholeness as well as the connection of the individual with the whole and the universe. The practicing of postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) provides your body with more agility and resistance to disease. Yoga relaxation techniques and meditation leads to deep inner peace and serenity and helps the regular practitioners to cope with the stress and pace of modern life.

At Villa Shanthi, yoga and meditation can be practiced individually, in groups with your own yoga teacher or under the guidance of a yoga teacher from the region committed to Hatha Yoga in the tradition of Swami Sivananda (upon request, at additional charge).

When the Senior Manager Mrs. Verena – a certified yoga and meditation teacher RYT 500 International Yoga Alliance) – is present yoga classes, mantra chanting (Satsang) and meditation sessions take place regularly.

Several times every year are offered more day yoga and meditation retreats (MahaShaktiYoga) all inclusive in German Language. For more details “YOGA MEDITATION RETREAT”