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The centerpiece of Villa Shanthi is the spacious 70m² (750sqft) lounge and dining area. Tastefully furnished with comfortable sofas and lounge chairs, it is a warm and welcoming space. Ceiling fans provide a cool light breeze, allowing you to relax in comfort. Handcrafted wooden dining tables and chairs create an inviting setting for our delicious home-cooked meals. For alfresco meals, the dining tables can also be used outside on the poolside veranda or, for romantic candlelight dinners, next to the swimming pool.


Villa Shanthi is characterized by its wide pillared verandas and balconies providing shade and a cool breeze during the hotter part of the day.

The veranda at the entrance of the villa welcomes you with handcrafted Sri-Lankan-style wooden benches, a picturesque fountain and multi-colored tropical flowers. The veranda at the poolside is furnished with a large cushion-scattered bench, colonial-style chairs and small tables.

The large 80m² (860sqft) veranda on the upper floor is furnished with comfortable colonial-style sofas. It is ideally suited for yoga and meditation sessions. The balcony on the upper floor offers a breath-taking view at the tropical garden, the turquoise-blue pool and a large Buddha statue facing the villa.

After sunset, the living areas, the verandas, the balconies and the splendid garden are charmingly lit with beautiful lamps.